Who may take part in NTI contests?

Russian and foreign legal entities and associations of such persons, as well as individuals and associates, including those created by legal entities and individuals for participation in contests, are invited to participate.

According to the terms and conditions of each Up Great contest requirements for the participants may vary.

How do you select the topics for the next technology contests?

Any initiative group, individual or legal entity interested in new technology contests may offer a topic. This requires filling in the questionnaire. The Up Great team involving industry experts considers the suggested contests and sends them for approval to the Managing Committee.

When describing your contest please pay attention to global impact it will have, longer engagement it will require, potential ambassadors and possible interested companies.

How do you choose technological barriers for Up Great contests?

The term “technological barrier” encompasses a scientific and technological problem that impedes the emergence of a new product or technology. In other words, when we speak about any global challenge we identify both the problems that can be solved using existing resources and technological barriers that should be overcome by developing new breakthrough technologies. The latter is the task of the Up Great contests.

When choosing the barrier we involve industry and business experts, state agencies and companies. We also discuss the barriers with the scientific community. The next step is to introduce the barrier idea to the public and consider the feedback.

What are the “satellites”?

“Satellites” are contests to find solutions for specific tasks, which do the groundwork for overcoming the technological barrier and development of breakthrough technologies.

Information about launched satellites is placed on the Up Great website

How could you find out the contest conditions?

All necessary documentation, which includes the Contest Regulation (the main document on the contest) and several technical regulations shall be formed for each contest prior to its official start. On the day of the official announcement of the contest all documents shall be published on the respective page of the contests website.

What is the prize fund of the contests?

The size of the prize fund of one contest is from 50 to 200 million roubles. It is formed for each contest separately, depending on the complexity of the competition task and timeframe that the participants (supposedly) should spend on development. The prize fund is set forth in the Competition Regulation and announced on the day of contest official start.
The prize fund of a satellite contest is from 2 to 10 million roubles.
The award provided for by the tender assignment and paid out from the federal budget may only be paid to Russian entities and individuals – tax residents of the Russian Federation. Awards to entities and individuals who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation may be paid at the expense of contest partners' (sponsors') funds.

How is the contest winner determined?
Number of tests and trials, which held on the day of the final or a few days before the final, shall determine the contest winner, if required so by the contest task. In such a case the measurement units shall measure the solutions offered by the participants, and not the documentation on arrangement or ppt presentation. The victory of the participant should not be called into question, therefore the testing rules that are previously available shall be developed for each specific contest.
Who owns the rights for the development after the contest?
All exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity, achieved in the process of participation in technological contests, belong to the participants, unless otherwise determined by the contracts concluded by the participants of technological contests with other persons.
What will happen if the participant could not complete the development during the competition?
The participants who failed to complete their developments during the contest will be invited to the final in the capacity of spectator.