Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on Digital and Technological Development, director of the “Young Professionals” direction at ASI
Technology competitions are one more tool for involving talents into the National Technology Initiative. The winners will be able to form teams united by super-sophisticated tasks on overcoming the technological barriers that will promote their solutions to the global market. The competitions will allow attracting much greater investments in the development than the prize fund amount spent.
Executive Director, Fund NTI
The task of the Up Great contests is to create breakthrough solutions in those areas where, as they say, it is already hot, but has not yet started burning. We are looking for areas in which a real breakthrough is expected and there is a problem of overcoming the technological barrier. We invite engineering teams to come up with a solution, thereby bringing the future closer and opening the way for a whole group of new technologies that may be highly demanded.
Board Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation
Participation itself, and not even a victory, is the beginning and a possibility to attract funds into your projects including those that are not directly related to the competition. Those who do not participate in the competition will get a hope and a dream. We have a lot of talents, we need to give them a possibility to believe in themselves and open up opportunities for the growth.
Vice President for Innovation and Research, Sber
This is the absoluteness of achievements. The spacecraft either climbed to a height of 100 km twice in two weeks - or not. A driverless car either travelled 200 km along the route - or not. This is an absolute criterion, and it is undeniable: we are not making a presentation describing how to make a suborbital flight, but we are in fact doing it.
Chief Executive Officer, Valles Marineris International Private Limited, member of the Expert council of the International Committee Digital Economy BRICS
Up Great technology contests is a tool to enable the human presence beyond Earth, and colonize Moon and Mars by 2035. Bringing the benefits of space technologies to build effective space ecosystems and use of outer space to achieve the development goals for the benefit of humankind.